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Got a question or three about ARG? We’ve got answers!


What do you mean by comprehensive?

Only ARG can deliver everything you need to run your recruiting business more efficiently and make you more money. With ARG you…

  • Earn the highest profit per hour guaranteed or get a $100.
  • Enjoy a FREE suite of powerful recruiting tools, training, and services.
  • Have zero risk and no administrative headaches, letting you focus 100% of your time on recruiting – and enjoying the profits!
  • Get all your client and candidate forms, portals and client invoices customized with your logo

What does “Employer of Record” mean?

As Employer of Record, ARG will take care of all new hire employee paperwork and pay
all local, state and federal taxes. ARG will be responsible for all benefits offered and managing those benefits with the employees. Additionally, ARG will carry all necessary insurances such as Workers Comp, General Liability and many other necessary insurances depending on your clients requirements.

We’ll also send you quarterly and annually prepared financial statements for your business upon request – at no cost to you!

Does ARG consider the company client and the contractor mine?

Yes. ARG only works with your client companies and contractors through your staffing firm. We consider them 100% yours. The best description is that ARG acts looks and feels like your in-house back office department within your staffing firm.

Do I need to purchase insurance?

As your Employer of Record, ARG is responsible for maintaining all insurance coverages, including Workers’ Compensation and general liability. You won’t need any additional coverage!

Is ARG a multi-state employer?

Yes! ARG is licensed to provide temporary and contract employees in all 50 states.

How do I handle contracts with my clients?

You are delivering two solutions to your client 1) a recruiting solution 2) a back-office solution (handled by ARG on your behalf), therefore there requires two agreements.

The recruiting agreement is handled by you, before you start your engagement, just as if you were starting a direct hire relationship. If you don’t have a recruiting agreement, ARG has a template you can use and customize for your business. This agreement is for your records only.

The back office agreement can be deployed in three different approaches based on what fits best for you:

1. ARG will create a custom back office agreement and is tailored with your company name and logo. This agreement is provided to you as a Word link so you can email to your client when you’re ready to start a contractor. This is a digital agreement so your clients can simply click to open, review and sign and all three parties automatically receive a copy for your records. You will automatically receive this custom link when your account is setup.
2. Upon request, ARG can also combine our back office agreement as an addendum to your recruiting agreement if this approach works best for you and your client. We can also convert this agreement into a digital signature link for your convenience if requested.
3. If your client has their own agreement, simply send this agreement to ARG for review.

Can I provide any type of employee classification?

ARG primarily runs “Office Professionals” also known as 8810’s and healthcare (ex. RN’s, LPN’s, CNA’s, etc.). However, we do support some codes outside of 8810 and would need to see a job description to determine if we can support it. We do not work with high risk positions in light industrial. Therefore, if you are unsure, ARG can advise on a case-by-case basis, whether or not your position can/will be approved by clicking HERE.

Does ARG handle the background checks and drug screening?

Yes. ARG will facilitate a standard background check and/or drug screening with maximum speed, accuracy and alignment with FCRA, ban-the-box and local regulations.

Do you provide health benefits for the contractors?

Yes. ARG provides ACA compliant health benefits for all your contractors. To review our health plans, click HERE. When your contractors start a new assignment through ARG, they will be advised of their health benefit options and will have 30 days to decide if they want to sign up for benefits which are add-ons paid by contractors from post-tax dollars. If they do, ARG takes care of everything.

How will my contractors and temps get paid?

ARG pays contractors every Friday via direct deposit. Bi-weekly pay is also available. Additionally, we have an online portal that the contractors login to view all of their payroll data including check stubs, access to change direct deposit information and much more.

How often will I get paid?

We send weekly invoices and pay out profits via direct deposit within three business days of receipt of your client payment. You will receive weekly aging and profit reports so you are always up to date on all outstanding invoices, paid invoices and profits.

Who does the credit and collections?

ARG administers all credit and collections, and you’ll be assigned a representative who will provide detailed collection assistance. Your rep will be available to you anytime to determine necessary action plans for any troubled accounts.

Does ARG put a UCC on my business? Who is responsible for non-payment of invoices?

There is no UCC on your business. If your client doesn’t pay, ARG bears the full financial risk. ARG is ultimately responsible for any unpaid invoices so there’s no out of pocket costs to you. This gives you peace of mind!

Are there any setup fees, monthly/annual fees or long term contracts?

No. ARG has no setup fees or monthly fees nor do we require long term contracts. ARG believes we must earn your business every week with every contractor. We make sure there is zero risk for recruiters to run contractors with ARG.

Does ARG have any minimums?

No. ARG provides you the flexibility so you can run a contractor for a day or longer with no minimum pay rates.

Is ARG a staffing firm?

No. ARG only handles back office services exclusively for independent staffing firms. We also won’t work directly with client companies so there’s never a conflict of interest and our full back office solution is customized only around how staffing firms do business.

I’m ready to fill my first position, how do I get started?

First, complete our one-time, no obligation Recruiter Enrollment online form to set up your ARG recruiter account. We can have you up and running in 48 hours.

We will email you your complimentary marketing tools kit and contact you to schedule a brief orientation to familiarize you with the operational procedures for running temps through ARG.

When it’s time to place a candidate, simply fill out your customized New Assignment Request. ARG will verify your client’s credit approval send your candidate their welcome letter with online paperwork. We can get you started the same day!

Ready to love your back office?

Take a minute to set up a one-time, no-obligation recruiter account today.